Converts To Islam 2015
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Coming soon ... Some examples of scientific miracles/prophecies of the Quran The Red Rose Nebula ·The sun will eventually expire The solidity of the atom and electron orbits The mother’s womb and its secure protection  The Ozone layer at the poles and as the sun rises  The expanding Earth  The Earth’s gravitational force  The shape of the Earth  Bone loss in old age The Helio-Centric system  Aerodynamic forces and the flight programmed in birds The cloning of living things The pulling motion during birth  Radio receivers on mountains  The sun’s trajectory The Sun’s Hydrogen and Helium content  Moon’s Orbit  The quivering of swelling of the earth  The expansion of the Universe  The coming of the Universe into existence  Calculating the lunar year  The Oxidation in the blood  Fossilization and iron content  Oxidation in the blood The function of mountains  The movement of mountains  The relativity of time  The star Sirius The formation of rain The stages of wind formation The process of photosynthesis begins in the morning  Seas not mingling with one another  Creation of human being from water  Pregnancy and birth The sequence in development of human organs Identity in the fingerprint The miracle of honey  Fish, a valuable source of nutrition  Pork and its harmful effects on health  Existence of microscopic life The ears are active during sleep