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 Heart’s Awakening Oh my blessed Prophet, how did I live without you,  A desolate place where my heart should have been, before I ever knew  Of the Divine message that glistens from your lips, it was far from me.  All I knew was a veiled existence that had no reality.  Alone, alone, wandering aimlessly through this land,  Until I glimpsed a kindness carried on your outstretched hand.  You picked me up as I was falling into a deep well of despair  Not knowing that you were waiting to answer my prayer.  Like a newborn child my eyes were open for the first time,  Imagine my excitement to behold a Messenger so Sublime.  I blinked and blinked once more  To behold you as you beckoned towards the door.  Have you really come for me, a sinner, untouched by light  To bring me out of darkness to feel such absolute delight.  I never knew what love was until you held my hand so tight  And took me with you on a journey as my soul it does take flight.  As the whale delivered Yunus from its belly to the sand,  I see light for the first time and start to understand.  As Noah rejoiced to see his bird returning safely home,  A familiar friend embraces me and I will never be alone.  Like the breeze under birds wings you carry me through the sky,  Like the early morning dew you bring forth tears from my eyes.  As the dawn chorus is never separated from its song,  I realise now you have been with me all along.