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 Grief and Love of Imam Hussain (as) written on Ashura Day Grief and Love for Imam Hussain (as)  Mixed in a twirling rush of falling Autumn leaves carried on a dancing breeze.  A deep overwhelming love that causes grief, a grief that only serves to deepen love.  Interchangeable leaves and breeze. Leaves of love carried high by a rushing, hidden grief.  The love is evident and beneath the outer lies the inner sadness.  But then, in a whirl of leaves all does change.  The leaves now take on the grief, the sadness is witnessed by all,  The inner love is the air that whistles through.  A coexistence of love and grief that breathe together,  Encompassed by tears that fall with each in take and out take of breath  A drop of a tear rolls down the leaf and as it falls it is caught by the hand of the breeze.