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 Welcome to the marriage section, this is a service for sincere people who are genuinely seeking a spouse.   Quran (17.96) Say: Allah suffices as a witness between me and you; surely He is Aware of His servants, Seeing. Imam al-Kadhim (as) said: “On the Judgement Day, the Day in which there is no shade except the shade of Allah's Mercy, three  varieties will avail of the shade of Allah's Throne: the man who caused the marriage of his Muslim brother, or he who served him, or the one who concealed his secrets for his sake." Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 74, p. 356 To have your profile uploaded please email it to and include:  your name (unless anonymous) age country location about yourself and what you are looking for A contact email address If you wish you may also send a photograph which we may display at our discretion. We aim to load new profiles within two weeks but please be patient in the event that we are  experiencing a heavy workload. To have your profile removed please use the same email address and  we will endeavour to remove profiles promptly. We may periodically send a message to the contact  email given in the profile to ensure it is still a valid address, if it is not the profile will be removed. We  may also remove profiles that have been on display on the site for over 6 months but of course you can  re-submit your profile if you wish.  To add / remove your profile please email: We decided to keep this as a free service to ensure it is available to all, but if you wish to make a donation to help support the ongoing work then that would be very much appreciated. IMPORTANT NOTE: The current design of our page means that your contact email will be displayed openly, we would therefore  recommend that you create a new email address solely for this purpose and do not disclose your main personal email address in the  first instance. In some cases you may also want to include your parents/guardians in the e-mails as an additional safeguard. Unfortunately Converts To Islam cannot be responsible for unwanted communication, and please do not be duped by emails claiming  to be from us.
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                     Holy Quran 30:21    And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought  
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