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 "He is Allah (swt), the Creator, the Maker Who shapes all  forms and appearances  His are the most beautiful names.  All that is in the heavens and the earth  extols His limitless glory  and He is the Mighty, the Wise."  (Quran Chapter 59:24) A convert to Islam is not obliged to change their name to a Muslim name. However, if the non-Muslim name has a meaning that is against Islam then selecting a new name would be advisable.  Changing your name to a Muslim name can be done:  - either through the official name changing channels, resulting in a name change on your bank account, passport etc.  - alternatively, it can be as simple as selecting your new name and asking others to use it, leaving your official name as that given on your birth certificate.  The latter option tends to be the most popular amongst new Muslims, and is perfectly acceptable.  Having decided on the new name the convert can tell friends and family as appropriate, realising that telling parents the name they chose for you as a baby has now been changed, could be a delicate matter. A number of converts continue to be known to their families by their non-Muslim names, at least until the family have accepted their change in religion.  There are many Muslim names to pick from, and the names listed below are only a few out of the many. Some converts prefer to pick a Muslim name that is similar sounding to their non-Muslim name, whereas others prefer a brand new name that is different, a totally new name for a new start.  We hope you enjoy this unusual opportunity to decide on your own name, should you wish to. Please note this is for your advise and reference only, we also would like to make it clear that no name related questions will be responded to. If you want to consult anybody on your own name or the name of a new child then please refer to your family and friends. ATTRIBUTE NAMES Please keep in mind that there are some recommendations with the naming convention in Islam, a person should not be named by an attribute of God alone, but the attribute should be preceded with 'Abd' meaning 'servant'. eg 'Rahman' should be 'Abdur Rahman', 'Aziz' should be 'Abdul Aziz' The 'Abd..' should not be treated as a name in itself, eg 'Abdul' does not make sense as a name on it's own. NAME MEANING AbdulAdal servant of the Just AbdulAliy servant of the High AbdulAziz servant of the Mighty AbdulBasir servant of the All-Seeing AbdulHaqq servant of the Truth AbdulMalik servant of the Sovereign AbdulQuddus servant of the Holy AbdulWasi servant of the All-Embracing AbdurRahman servant of the Beneficient AbdurRafi servant of the One who Elevates AbdurRazzaq servant of the Sustainer AbdusSabur servant of the Patient AbdusSalam servant of the Author of Safety AbdutTawwah servant of the Relenting AbduzZahir servant of the Manifest PROPHETS(as) NAMED IN THE QURAN Adam(as) Alyasa(as) Ayyub(as) Dawud(as) Dhu-l Kifl(as) Harun(as) Hud(as) Ibrahim(as) Idris(as) Ilyas(as) Imran(as) Isa(as) Ishaq(as) Ismail(as) Lut(as) Muhammad(saaw) Musa(as) Nuh(as) Salih(as) Shuayb(as) Sulayman(as) Uzayr(as) Yahya(as) Yaqub(as) Yunus(as) Yusuf(as) Zakariya(as) FEMALE NAMES NAME MEANING Afifah chaste, modest Alimah woman of learning,scholar Amal hope, aspiration Amatullah servant of God Amilah hopeful Aminah safe, protected, Mother of Prophet Muhammad (saaw) Andalah song of the nightingale Anisah friendly, affectionate Aqilah sensible, intelligent Arijah fragrant Asilah of noble origin Asiyah comforting, consoling, wife of Pharoah Asma precious Azhar flowers, blossoms Badihah insight, perspective Bashirah bringer of good news Basimah smiling Bushra good news Dhakirah one who remembers God Durrah pearl Fadilah outstanding, learned Faizah victorious Farah joy Fasihah eloquent Fatimah the beloved daughter(as) of the Holy Prophet(saaw) Ghadah beautiful Ghaziyah fighter Habibah beloved Hajar wife of Prophet Ibrahim(as) Halimah gentle Hamimah close friend Hana bliss Hasinah pretty Hawwa Eve(as) the wife of Prophet Adam(as) Haya shyness Hikmah wisdom Husna most beautiful Ibtisam smile Iman faith, belief Izdihar flourishing Jala clarity Jalilah splendid Janan heart Junaynah little garden Karimah generous,noble Kawthar abundance, river in Paradise Khadijah first wife of the Holy Prophet(saaw) Khalilah friend Kubra great,senior Layyinah tender, resilient Lubabah innermost essence Madihah praiseworthy Manal achievement Mardiyah commendable Maryam the Mother of Prophet Jesus(as) Masumah innocent Maziyah excellence, virtue Muminah faithful Muna wish, desire Munibah repentant Nabihah noble Nadimah friend Nadirah radiant Nafisah precious Najah success, safety Najmah star Nasifah just, equitable Nawar blossom, flower Qabilah wise Qudsiyah glorious Rabab white cloud, wife of Imam Hussein(as) Rafiqah companion Raymah mercy, wife of Prophet Ayyub(as) Rawdah garden in Paradise Ruhiyah spiritual Sabah dawn, morning Safa purity of mind Sahirah wide-awake,alert and not asleep, loves the night Saimah fasting Sajidah prostrating to God Sakinah tranquility, daughter of Imam Hussain(as) Salma peaceful Shadha aromatic Shifa healing Tahirah pure, chaste Taqiyah Godfearing Tasnim fountain of Paradise Tayyibah good Ulfah friendship, harmony Uzma greatest Wafiyah faithful Waliyah friend Wasilah inseparable friend Yumna on the right Zafirah successful Zahra radiant, resplendent Zahrah flower, splendour Zakiyah pure Zaynab beauty of the father, daughter of Imam Ali (as) and Bibi Fatima(as) MALE NAMES NAME MEANING Abbas description of a lion,brother of Imam Hussein(as) Abdullah servant of God, name of father of Holy Prophet(saaw) Adil just,name of Prophet Muhammad (saaw) Affan modest Ahmad praiseworthy, name of Prophet Muhammad (saaw) Akbar greater Ali excellent, noble, sublime, husband of Bibi Fatima(as) Amin trustworthy, name of Prophet Muhammad (saaw) Anas affection Askari soldier Bahir dazzling Barakat blessing Bilal companion of the Holy Prophet(saaw) Damir conscience Dhakir one who remembers God Dhul Fiqar name of Imam Ali's(as) sword Fahim intelligent Farid unique Faruq he who distinguishes truth from falsehood Ghanim successful Ghufran forgiveness Habib beloved Hafiz protector, guardian Hamzah lion, uncle of the Holy Prophet(saaw) Hasan handsome, good, son of Imam Ali (as), our 2nd Imam (as) Hasif endowed with sound judgement Hilal crescent Husayn handsome, beautiful, son of Imam Ali (as), 3rd Imam (as) Ikhlas sincerity Imad support, pillar Jabir restorer Jafar stream, rivulet Jawad generous Jibril Archangel Gabriel Kalim orator Kamil complete, perfect Khalil friend, name of Prophet Muhammad (saaw) Latif fine, gentle Lutfullah kindness of God Mahbub beloved Mahdi guided, name of Prophet Muhammad (saaw) Manazir equal competitor Mubarak blessed Muhammad praiseworthy, commendable, name of Prophet Muhammad (saaw) Muhsin benevolent, benefactor Mustafa chosen, name of Prophet Muhammad (saaw) Mutahhar purifier, name of Prophet Muhammad (saaw) Nabih noble Nadim companion, friend Naqi pure Nazir observer Nur light Qaim stable, upright Qasim distributer, name of Prophet Muhammad (saaw) Qiyam rising, standing Rabi spring Rafiq kind friend Sabbar very patient Sadiq truthful, name of Prophet Muhammad (saaw) Sayyid leader, name of Prophet Muhammad (saaw) Shafi healing, name of Prophet Muhammad (saaw) Shahid martyr Tahir pure, virtuous Talib seeker of knowledge Taqi God-fearing Ubaydah servant of God Wafi faithful, loyal Wahid unique Yasir wealthy Zaki pure Zaman destiny Zayyan beautiful Zaynul Abidin beauty of worshippers, son of Imam Hussein(as)