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Your family are not at all religious and cannot understand why you would want to become religious. • It is sad when people feel that religion is not important. We cannot understand how any person could be content to go through life and not think about what comes after their death. Some people are happy to live for today and not worry about tomorrow. Unfortunately this then leads them to question other people who do have a religion. They wonder why religious people bother to waste their time with religion, they think that time spent performing religious duties could be spent in a 'more enjoyable' way. They cannot see the spiritual gains in religious actions, or comprehend the joy that it brings.  There are also people who like to 'put down' others who are religious because they themselves are scared. They think that there might be something in religion, they wonder if perhaps there is a God and a point to life. As they have not bothered to make any investigations for themselves they do not like to be reminded of the fate that they suspect might await them. If they are not looking into religion despite their doubts, then they do not want anyone else to either.  Of course there is always hope for all people. Many individuals have no interest in religion then a spark is ignited within them, and through the Mercy of Allah (swt) they are guided.  If your family are of the second category then at least you have something more to work with. If your family think that there might be something in religion, but have not made any attempt to find out, then perhaps you now have the opportunity to help them. You could perhaps explain how you found religion, the books you read, the people you spoke to. What was it that convinced you about Islam? We think you need to take a soft approach, if possible let them find out some information for themselves. If you go in 'all guns blazing' then this may just add to their guilt that they haven't looked into religion themselves, and they may feel anger towards you. A gentle approach, asking them what they think and getting them to give their opinion on matters, we think would work best. InshaAllah they will develop their own interest in religion and then in time start to feel very relieved that they are now acting upon the thoughts that they had previously been battling against.  If your parents are of the first category, i.e. just can't see the point in religion, then you could try to make them understand that there is a point. This may need to start with proving to them that God does exist. This is really too much to get into now, but there are many websites that could help with this quest. Please contact us if you would like to be pointed in the right direction.  Of course your parents, despite your hard efforts may still be uninterested in religion, and may still be unhappy at your choice to be a Muslim. In this situation we suggest that you try and point out to them that your new religion does not change who you are. They still have the son or daughter that they always had. In many ways your parents have gained, please refer to 'Duty to Parents' and 'Treatment of Non-Muslims' in the previous advice.  Just because you are now a Muslim, you are still you. There will now be some things that you will start to do that you never did before, and there will be some things that you stop doing that you used to do, but that is all.  Perhaps make them understand that you have everything to win and nothing to lose. You could tell them that if you are right, then living your life as a Muslim will earn you a salvation InshaAllah. If you are wrong, then you have still enjoyed a good life, and you have lived your life to a very high moral level, what is the objection here?
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