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Your family think that religion causes war. The simple answer is that Islam does not cause wars. Islam only allows self-defence and even then is regulated by strict guidelines.  Muslims throughout the world are being persecuted and attacked, they are victims of cruel dictators and ethnic cleansing. Muslims are enduring many horrors that are untold by the media. If the full picture were presented by the tv and the newspapers it would be obvious that Muslims are the victims of others' aggression throughout the world.  We do not think it helps to get into 'mud slinging', but it seems to be quickly forgotten when people of other faiths commit violence in the name of their religion, but any misdeed that can somehow be linked to Islam is. There are many examples of violence throughout human history from both religious and non religious people alike, it is only when all people truly find the depths of their purpose will we find peace throughout the world, and that we believe is within the faith of the same name, Islam.  As individuals, we are not perfect examples of what our religion teaches us. It is therefore totally unreasonable for anyone to judge the teachings of Islam based on the actions of ordinary Muslims, they should instead read the teachings themselves before forming an opinion. This is why we should follow the example of the Prophet (saaw) and His Household (as) who are the perfect examples.  Islam is a beautiful religion of peace and submission to God. A complete code of life that shows humanity how to live in harmony with one another.
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