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Your family are concerned about “What will other people think?” No one likes to be the odd one out, to be too different from the rest. People can quickly feel embarassed and uncomfortable.  For a muslim convert this is not so much of a concern, having spent time researching and realising that they have found the truth, they are less concerned with worrying about being different. However, for the family of the convert this may not always be the case. In their eyes they have gone from being a 'normal family' to an unconventional family. In the short term the family may therefore be worried about being different from others, and they may be embarassed of the new convert in their midst when neighbours and more distant family get to hear about it.  This is not always easy for the new convert, having decided to become a muslim and as a result change many aspects of their life, the convert would definitely benefit from family support and understanding. If this is not received the convert may at first feel abandoned and alone, they may feel that they are becoming distant from their family.  The first thing to remember is that if your family are worried about what others will think of your conversion, then this is likely to be a short term reaction only, that has probably come about out of shock and an ignorance of Islam. Once they get used to the fact that you are a Muslim, once they see with their own eyes that they still have their son/daughter, when they realise how content you are and what a good life you are leading, when they come to understand the basic teachings of Islam their embarassment will go. InshaAllah they will become proud of you.  In the meantime it is important to remain strong in faith, patient and loving towards your parents. Maintain your usual relations with them even if this means extra effort on your part. It is definitely recommended to spend more time with them than you would normally have done, or phone them more frequently if possible.  The other point to keep in mind is that on becoming a Muslim you have gained many many new brothers and sisters. You now have two families and your new family is huge. You will find many organisations that will be able to help you and many existing Muslims that will support you. Ultimately people will think whatever they want and there is nothing we can do about this initially. Over time and with our own spiritual development resulting in better manners, refinement of our characters and a compassion which helps us reach out to others, us living Islam and all that it entails will in itself Inshallah be the way that others viewpoints are changed from negative to positive ones. Imam Reza (as) said: “Do not enslave yourself to others when the Glorious God has created you free.”  (Ghorarol hikam part 85 Hadith 219)
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