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Ghusl is a complete body wash that is obligatory in the following situations: On the completion of a menstrual period. After heavy discharge between menstrual periods. After sexual relations. After touching a dead body. Prior to starting ghusl the body should be clean so it may be necessary to wash in order to remove any impurities of blood / semen. Your intention is that you will be performing ghusl for your specific reason, seeking nearness to Allah (swt). This intention can be just known and does not need to be spoken. The ghusl can be performed in one of two ways. Here is the first method of performing ghusl, tartibi (sequential) Wash the head running down to the neck Then wash the rest of the body - It Is Better to wash the rest of the body in 2 stages First the right half of the body, including your private parts, Then the left half of the body including your private parts. The second method of performing ghusl is as follows, called irtimasi (submersion) this method is not practically possible in most of our modern bathrooms. This is by washing the whole body at the same time – and that can only be done by submerging the whole body into the water. For a comprehensive overview please visit:
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