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 Heaven in Earth  O how I longed for your warm and loving embrace  I dreamt of that moment of seeing your radiant face  I often used to wonder as you would pass me by  If it would be my arms that would hide from you the sky  To draw you unto myself I would eternally wait  Sometimes I used to wonder if I could attain to such a state  The others who longed for you with me would often talk  Each one of us wishing you to ourselves as by us you would walk.  When you settled in Medina just to know that you were near  Filled me with wonderment, awe, made me shed a tear  To know that your feet were walking on the earth of which I was a part  Filled me with so much joy, how can I tell you, where do I start?  When I heard the news of your death, I was devastated yet filled with glee  Sad for all the people, all other earth, but elated for me  You see I had realised when the news spread far and wide  That it was going to be me, because they had started to dig into my sides  I was once so dark, so cold, and nothing special in any way  Now because you are with me I'm visited each and every day  The people they come using transportation in planes from up high  The Angels also visit in their droves, from the heavens, the skies.  Now that you are with me I'm illuminated, so very bright  It was once on the surface, now inside has come your light  I know the day will come when you will rise up and walk away  My only wish is that your fragrance with me will always stay  O listener have you worked me out, do you understand, do you know?  You too will have one like me; to him you'll most surely go  Your awaited one, you may love, hate, rue or even crave  Yet I am the most blessed of all, I am Prophet Mohammed's (sawa) grave.